How to Make an Apple/Pear Picker

My wild pear trees are nestled in a heavenly 100 acre woods that Pooh would love to romp around with his bud Christopher Robin.

But I don’t recall any 4 legged, pear eating deer in his story.  I’m sure Pooh would regard them as spritely or something and they would be friendly and hop with Tigger around the woods.  Eating all the pears.  All I know is they can reach about the same height as I can to retrieve the pears.  And they always beat me to it.  Leaving me the pears on the high branches.

So I ran across this cheap solution to my pear picking. A 1 liter pop/soda  bottle.  A wood handle or dowel. A screw.  Scissors.  

My help is mostly my grandboys.  And they love to yield a stick of any kind.  So I’m thinking this “warrior sword” for pear picking will be a hit.

Be aware that using this can cause other ripe pears to fall off the nearby branches and fall to the ground.  Possibly very near to you.  Or ON YOU!  I will work on a  bottle hard hat on another post!

You will need:

A empty plastic bottle (I used a 1 liter bottle)

A dowel or handle

A tiny screw

A marker

Remove the label.  The soft drink companies don’t mess around with their adhesives.  They are very hard to remove.  I soaked the bottle then rubbed peanut butter over the glue area.  And much elbow grease.  

Cut the opening in  the bottle. This is not a great picture but cut a bump off the bottom of the bottle and a circle shape large enough to fit an apple or pear.


Grind the handle to fit the pop bottle opening if needed.

Insert the screw through the neck of the handle to hold the bottle on.

Make your reluctant husband test the contraption while you photograph.  (He declared the pears not ripe enough)

He’s a good sport.  (but I think they were ripe enough)



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